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1465EMS AIR Case Accessories

1465EMS AIR Case Accessories

Interior dimensions: 47.3 x 25.4 x 27.8 cm (18.62" x 9.99" x 10.93")

When every second counts, you can depend on the new Peli™ Air 1465EMS case to keep you moving through the harshest terrain. Weighing in at only 13.2 pounds (empty) and crushproof, the Peli™ Air 1465EMS case minimizes strain while protecting vital medical supplies without weighting you down.

Product features:

  • Comes with fixations for Sharps container (Sharps container not included)
  • Three tier customizable pullout trays give you the flexibility to organize
  • Removable trays are easy to wipe down to keep sanitized
  • Press & Pull latches have been tested for extreme pressure and impact situations
  • Storage bracket keeps used and sharp objects contained
  • Watertight O-Ring Gasket
  • Super-Light Proprietary HPX² Polymer
  • Automatic Purge Valve Balances Air Pressure
  • Removable Polycarbonate Card Holder

Peli AIR Cases are tough:

  • Drop test: From 1.8 m onto a concrete floor (all sides and corners)
  • Watertight: 30 min at a depth of 1 m
  • Impact resistance: 12.7 kg steel rod from 1 m onto all sides

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