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8050 M11 Rechargeable

The M11 8050 uses a rechargeable 4 C Nicad battery stick and a hi-pressure Xenon lamp to generate powerful, bright pre-focused beam. The light weight Xenoy body resists chemicals and extreme temperatures. The push button on/off switch operates easily even when wearing thick gloves.

Options include fast charger, direct wiring, 12 V adapters, 220 V transformers and more. The fast charger fully charges the battery stick in 2 to 3 hours, preparing the M11 for a full day's work. This charger can be mounted horizontally or upright and an LED indicator illuminates when the M11 is charged. Mount the M11 in vehicles using the 12 V adapter or direct wiring kit. The durable rechargeable battery pack can take a charge over 1.000 times.

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